Zeynep Sarılar was born in İzmir on 1967, has been graduated on 1989 from the Electric and Electronic Section of Engineering Faculty of Dokuz Eylül University.

In 1990, she has started to work in the R&D department of Netaş as the engineer of software support and has established and managed the international switchboards support team. Between 1994-1997 she has been employed as consultant in Alcatel Bell Telecom in Antwerp Belgium. In 1997 she has worked as software consultant and system engineer in San Diego in order to be employed in the Project of Globalstar that communicates by the satellite. Being returned to Istanbul, she has worked in Yapı Kredi Bank, Benkar Advantage and Global Securities.

On 2001, She has been the founder partner of Mobilera; she has been responsible until 2013 from the administration of product and service as the Responsible President from Technology. She also has administrated more than 20 Research Projects; she has worked in the fields such as Computers that can be Worn, Smart Houses, Buried systems, industrial environments and in car systems. Since 2009 she runs the mission of Member of the Board of Directors of YASAD that is the association of the software industrials and also runs the mission of consultancy of Pera EEMEA since 2013, she offers consultancy services for national and international financing projects and she coordinates the Growth Accelerating Program for 17 KOBİs in Turkey. On 2013 she has started GEMİM that is the Entrepreneurship Education and Center of Broody.

Zeynep Sarılar is acting since February 1st, 2016 as the President of ITEA.