Turkey has made a big progress on software and technology field, but has yet to reach the awareness level that it deserves in the international or national markets. Success is inevitable if the executives of companies that are open to technology usage act with the aim of capable human resources, capacity and innovation. In order to become better, Turkey’s developed and internationally capable sectors should focus on innovation driven know-how transfer.

To achieve that, internationally active large enterprises and small and medium sized enterprises should work together, even creating an SME ecosystem. Establishing corporations and new products is only possible by the guidance of expert trainers and expert consultants.

With our cumulative experience of 100 years, we are ready to move automotive, telecom, white goods, finance and health.


Automotive sector where large enterprises and sub-industry firms are quite developed, is one of the leading sectors in Turkey.

As Actuate we aim to accelerate the know-how transfer between large enterprises and SMEs and enable SMEs to reach innovation faster.

As a result, we aim to add this created know-how to products of large enterprises.


Turkey has the most important market share of white goods sector in the world. We are aware that in this developed sector, products that are created by SMEs have the capacity and quality to compete with the large enterprises’ products.

Our target in this sector is to contribute to the development of the SMEs in the white goods sector and also to contribute to the innovation process of large enterprises.

We wish to contribute to industrial development by offering our services to both parties.


In Telecom sector, Turkey’s large enterprises are the world examples for creating an SME ecosystem. This ecosystem has been quite supportive of new product development for large enterprises.

In the following process, on the telecommunication sector, it is our priority to provide enhancement of the relationship between the SMEs and large enterprises on the expansion of the technology and scale.

We, as Actuate, are besides your enterprise with our aim to provide the formation of new products; fast and profitable


The financial software solutions form one of the most important items in software export of Turkey. Software solutions developed in this topic has a vast exportation area.

By working with SMEs and companies that have the potential to succeed much more, preparing their products for international markets and manage their sales process; and increase exports.


Turkey, who is a leader for a long time, goes through a new period in this field. There are services delivered abroad on different topics on health, called Health Tourism. To protect our leadership, software and technologic developments must be heavily integrated to our lives.

As Actuate, we aim that by supporting with the technology the knowledge accumulation that Turkey is owned in this field, in the sector of health to raise to the much upper levels and to increase the difference between the other countries.