Services provided by Actuate on participating in grants and financial support programs can be divided into two mechanisms: national and international. The funding program to be participated will be chosen according to institutions’ needs.


TÜBİTAK programs form the backbone of national mechanisms. TÜBİTAK which supports R&D and innovation activities for the umbrella institutions, SMEs and large enterprises; consists of grant support programs such as 1001, 1003, 1501, 1503, 1601, 1615. Programs to be participated may be selected according to research content, maturity level of the developed product, sort of institution requesting support.

Development agencies are national mechanisms that address to consortia and umbrella institutions, affecting projects aiming societal development. These funds are provided through the regional development agencies and are formed around regional strategies, aiming contribution to regional development. Therefore, the harmony of the working field of the institute and the strategic focus of the calls is quite important. When the application field of the calls are considered, it might seem like the calls are only suitable for the umbrella institutions and consortia. However, SMEs and other enterprises may have a chance to participate in development agency supported programs when applicable (mentorship programs, commercialization cycles etc.)

Funding programs offered by ministries are another leg of national mechanisms. Although these programs are suitable for umbrella institutions and consortia, SMEs and other enterprises can participate through being involved in supported programs. Ministry supports projects that could create impact on society, innovative, aiming growth and in line with strategic plans.


The Horizon 2020 program guided by the European Commission is based on formation of innovative and growth focused perfection on European Union standards and the share of these capabilities. Calls are opened in different times of the year according to program agenda, providing support on know-how transfer, research and establishing capability for firms, academia and consortia.

Cluster supports are provided through clusters which are formed according to specific topics and backed by European Commission. These clusters are constituted by sectors, and can arrange some of their budget around supporting projects. The companies wishing to participate in cluster projects may apply to relevant grants if according to the maturity and the timing of the projects, and perform networking activities as well.

State funds are supports that are formed by foreign countries’ governments. Some of these funds are open to national participation, whereas some of them are open to international application in order to increase welfare level of other countries. In addition, sometimes countries open funds for the region with the agenda of stimulating regional capacity growth. In accordance with the program, SMEs, enterprises, research institutes, umbrella institutions etc. can present their project to those funding mechanisms.