As Actuate, our most important mission is to improve the road for the institutions, to reach their innovative goals. In order to do so, we prioritize increasing efficiency while providing financial support and creating the best operating plan while planning the timing. In this period where we are in a continuous digital transformation, we realize that professional consultancy is the most productive, useful and supportive ability. We wish to use our expertise and success collected through the years for improving your products and strategies. We believe that our past success is the guaranty for our future profits, and we act with this confidence!

Strategies and products which are able to differ from others could provide higher profits to institutions and privileged services to the customers.

Global standards and institutional competition are in a continuous change and transformation. Therefore, the institutions that want to reach to their commercial goals are obliged to follow up a more innovative route. It is an obligation to shine the competitive differences in the long and challenging business life.


Our priority action points as Actuate are the analysis of the processes between the company departments, determining the potential improvements for existing gaps and making the solutions permanent. If you also like to be an enterprise with a high communication capacity and no obscure processes. Our experts will examine your work flow and propose the best action model. Let’s climb the stairs for commercial success by using lean project management and lean manufacturing methods

A smooth work flow will bring ever-growing success for your company.

Professional process management and reporting provides a healthy work plan and an analysis. One of the most characteristic features of process-driven management models is to identify the work flow for different departments with different functions.


Founding a project with a different edge requires a good idea and correct management. Borders for each project are drawn by time, resources and scope. To create an impact, each project should have successful planning, execution, management and control processes.

As Actuate, we walk beside you for your projects that could make you grow and develop according to your strategies.

We organize financial and human capital management processes; form a capable and innovative team to run successful projects, together.

We can’t wait to be with you on this road from beginning to end.


Today’s competitive environment changes and develops the business World day by day. To have a strong & permanent position, companies must undergo a digital transformation.

Individuals and institutions that wants to follow contemporary methods should place a continuously renovating training plan in the first place

Institutions are as viable and strong as they internalize and update their collective know-how in this fast flux of change. Thus; entrepreneurs, universities, SMEs, large companies, NGOs, chambers and associations which are fundamental components of an innovative society; can only be retained within the society by training activities.

Trainers are as important as the training activities. Actuate aims to help crating an innovation society with its wide and experienced expert spectrum. We are by your side with our experts and expertise in seeking national and international funding, intercompany capacity development, competitive capacity development, finding partners in national and international platforms etc.


Programs consist of several projects that are connected to each other with cause and effect relationships. Programs that aim to create big impacts and transformations are usually 3-year-long processes that require disciplined work. Program management refers to a more complex structure than project management by nature. Focus of the program results that affects more than one department of the companies are to reach fast and profitable change.

Benefits that Actuate aims are to follow pre-determined goals and outcomes within the process.

Program management requires effort, command of the process and aiming for a permanent change. We, as Actuate are here while you reach for your goals. With our transparent, objective and user-friendly program management methodology, we will surely provide you the maximum profit!


Being effective and productive in a competitive market is possible through getting consultancy from experts. We are experienced with our mentors consisting of experts, consultants and directing leaders

With our experience of over 100 years in total, we have much individual and institutional cooperation in national and international markets.

We are ready to use this cooperation in order to add new ones to your commercial successes.

We are aware of the importance of the connections which will reinforce the existing structure and which will rend powerful the projects, and will feed your business model. As Actuate, our most important priority is to provide a matching partner for your firm with commercially successful institutions. Our target is to support the innovative business models by combining the experience of the past with the modern elements of today. If you need a consultant who will run the big projects with vast professional esperience, Actuate is always with you!


While establishing associations and unions, benefiting from grants and support programs is a must. With our professional team, we manage your journey to a grant application successfully. We inform you about the programs run by development agencies, ministries, EU and such. We make associations and unions more democratic by reinforcing them financially. We connect you with the right solutions through right solutions. We connect the correct works for reaching grants with effective solutions. We detect best project for you and we walk together with you, for you, always aiming for the best.

By our experiences we support to form associations and clusters; we provide the growth of these organizations in line with their mission and visions.

We realize that the power of civil society organizations and associations which are among the most important building stones of today, need to increase everyday. We know from our experiences that it is possible to reinforce the CSO and associations expert consultancy services.